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Chipmunk Trap Rental

How big is the chipmunk population in your yard? Are they burrowing up against your foundation or getting in your walls? Whether you have a single chipmunk digging unsightly tunnels through your flower bed or many chipmunks running rampant through your landscaping or building, we have humane traps to help you manage your chipmunk problem. We offer live, no-kill cage traps, very similar to cage rat traps. We can coach you on the best and most effective methods and baits to coax chipmunks into the trap and help you get rid of chipmunks in your yard.

Traps are rentable upon supply and demand (availability).

chipmunk trap

Rental Fees Listed Below

You pick up

Daily rate - $5.00/per day /per trap
Weekly rate - $30.00 /per week /per trap
Monthy rate - $120.00 /per month /per trap
Animal pick up fee (Required) - $95.

Trap rental deposit - $200.00

(All fees require a credit card or a cashier's check for trap deposit.)

We Deliver the Trap to You

Rates start at $95 - $250 for trap delivery.

Daily rate - $5.00 /per day /per trap
Weekly rate
- $30.00 /per week /per trap
Monthly rate - $120.00 /per month /per trap

Multiple Animal Pick-Up Fee

Rates start at $95 - $250 etc. depending on your location.

If multiple animals are caught you will receive a discount.

*Weekday rates are regular fees.
After 5:00 pm rate is extra.
Saturday rates are double the regular fees.
Sunday rates are triple regular fees.
Holiday rates are triple regular fees.

Trap Rental Agreement

Rules / Policies for customers renting wild animal, bird or snake traps:

You are responsible and accept responsibility for the humane treatment for all animals or birds trapped, including proper food and water supplies to the animal during the trapping effort up until the time the animal is removed.

Traps are to be kept in the shade allowing animals to be protected from direct sunlight.

You will be required to water down the animal or cool it down with a mild temperature water hose 3-times daily until pick up is performed during warm weather conditions.

You are required to have the animal removed within 24-hours of capture.

Traps will need to be checked between 7:00 am and 9:00 am each morning at which time you will need to report any animals in traps both by phone and by text-photo proving the animal trap's current animal occupied or un-occupied status.