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Are raccoons nesting in your attic?  Do you have rats or mice in your walls?  Are skunks roaming your property?  Is there an opossum den under your porch?  Do you have ugly holes in your yard?  Is an animal destroying your trees, flowerbeds, garden or yard?

Traps4Rent is your Do-It-Yourself Solution to a nuisance wild animal problem on your property. 

We are a full-service wildlife removal company that also provides traps for rent if you prefer to handle your wild animal problem yourself.  We also offer coaching for a fee, so you can take advantage of our years of experience. 

Our full trapping services include a professional trapper who investigates your site, expertly sets the traps for the target animal, safely and humanely removes the animal off of your property once it is trapped, seals up its entrance points into your building.  We also offer decontamination services.

We have all you need for trapping those nuisance wild animals that are tearing up your lawn, eating their way through your garden, nesting in your home or commercial building, causing costly property damage, and contaminating the area. 

It is vital to remove the wild animals off of your property as soon as you know you have a problem.  Letting the problem go too long can result in more property damage, greater health and safety risk, and the animals are more likely to breed on your property or in your building, increasing the problem. 

How it works:  You can either pick up the trap or we will deliver it to your property.  You monitor the trap and contact us as soon as the animal is caught.  We will come out to your property to remove the animal and the trap.  We take care of the animal humanely and according to local and federal laws.

Act quickly.  Traps for certain animals are in high demand during different seasons, so you will want to contact us as soon as you suspect you have a wild animal problem.

Some signs you have a nuisance wild animal problem –

Special licenses are required for certain animals and a few animals can not be trapped under federal or local laws.  Please see our list to the left of the page for further details on each animal and the traps we offer, if your problem animal is not listed there please see our additional wildlife traps available.